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Linda Anderson Fine Art

Your Presence

Faith, hope and love

I perceive Your beauty

Will I remember Your reality

When darkness falls all around?


I focus on Your Presence

With brush in hand,

Creating an image

That brings me back to You.

Linda Anderson



I graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art in 1997, from the University of Maryland, University College.  I also continued studying painting and drawing at Anne Arundel Community College to keep learning and practicing.  In 2012-14 I  had the opportunity to study with Myron Barnstone, in Coplay, PA, to learn about Dynamic Symmetry and the Fletcher Color Wheel, which inform my palette today and some of my later compositions.  Later, I took a few graduate painting and printmaking classes at Towson University. 

In 2015, when I moved to Northern Virginia from Maryland I started teaching beginner's acrylic and watercolor classes locally.  I think I was born to be a painting teacher, those were some of my happiest years.  Since covid, the in-person lessons had to stop.  I'm hoping to start up teaching again, online this time.  If interested, please send me an email through Daily Paintworks and I will contact you when I start up my classes.